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x Fixed, + Added, * Improved/Changed, i Information, ! Wish-List from Customers

Version 2019.0.0.51 - 2019-10-04
SUMMARY: SFTP: Encrypt and Case-Insensitive Passwords, FTP: MLSD  (blank directory)

x Fixed:       FTP: resolved an edge case where performing a "MLSD " would result in no-directory-listing
* Improved:    SFTP: added support for Settings -> Security -> Options -> "Encrypt User Passwords"
* Improved:    SFTP: added support for Settings -> Security -> Options -> "Account Passwords are not case-sensitive"

Version 2019.0.0.50 - 2019-FEB-11
SUMMARY: FTP:CMD:Rename:550 on FileDoesNotExist

* Improved:    FTP: Rename From/To (RNFR/RNTO/RENAME): if source-file doesn't exist, report "550 '/filename': no such file or directory." vs "500 Cannot RNFR."

Version 2019.0.0.49 - 2019-FEB-06
SUMMARY: Brute-Force Enchancements, IP Access/Deny UI

* Improved:    Settings->Security Options->Defender: Brute-Force: once an IP has been banned due to surpassing the number of login attempts, the internal list for the number of attempts will be reset to 0, if the IP Address is removed from the BAN-LIST (Settings->Security Options->IP Access/Deny)
* Improved:    Settings->Security Options->Defender: Brute-Force: if an IP is BANNED due to triggering function, the UI will be refeshed (Settings->Security Options->IP Access/Deny)
x Fixed:       Settings->Security Options->Defender: Brute-Force: on successful login, the # of failed attempts will be reset to 0 for the IP
* Improved:    Settings->Security Options->Defender: Brute-Force: if a login is denied, due to surpassing # of allowed-attempts, this fact will now be outputted to the log instead of a silent denial
* Improved:    Settings->Security Options->Defender: Brute-Force: only tracked invalid logins (no longer counts misconfigured account access-rights, denied due to IP constraint, conn-limit

Version 2018.0.0.48 - 2018-OCT-10
SUMMARY: SFTP:Validate logins against user-account "login" value, allow keyboard entry of Public-Key, restrict ftp-account to only WRITE (no DIR-LIST)

* Improved:    SFTP: Users->Edit->SFTP->Public Key->"Text": allow keyboard entry of text (or clipboard paste)
x Fixed:       SFTP: Validate logins against the "Login" for a give user-account, previously used only the account-name, this required the account/login to be the same to login
x Fixed:       FTP: Users->Edit->Access Rights: LIST was being allowed, even if it wasn't in the list of rights.
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: updated SFTP engine to v16.0.316 from v16.0.308

Version 2018.0.0.47 - 2018-SEP-11
SUMMARY: Tools->Check for Update fixed, SFTP:Generate Public/Private-Keys, SFTP:Memory Leak/Exception, FTP:Allow Rename to Overwrite Destination, Security Brute-Force/Anti-Hammer: Evil IPs remembered after restart

! Wishlist:    FTP: Settings->Protocol->FTP->Options: Allow renaming a file to one that already exists, deleting the destination. (RNFR/FNTO)
x Fixed:       SFTP: Users->Edit->SFTP->Generate Private/Public Key-Pairs: the public/private keys were getting reversed in saving to file/clipboard/software
* Fixed:       SFTP: when terminating with active SFTP-clients, an error in typecasting caused an exception when freeing the first sftp-client thread, resulting in memory leak with unfree()'d threads
x Fixed:       Tools->Check for Update: resolved a problem in which it never detected a new version via Manual check (check at start-up always worked).
* Improved:    Tools->Check for Update: UI changes to the dialog containing changelog (fixed font, no word-wrap, sizeable dialog, 'See Online' button, accel keys, escape to cancel)
* Improved:    Settings->Security Options->Defender: Brute-Force & Anti-Hammering: List of attempts (but not yet reaching threshold) from evil IPs are now maintained between program restarts (no longer tracked only within the current instance)

Version 2018.0.0.46 - 2018-MAY-04
SUMMARY: SFTP:Generate Private/Public Key-Pair, updated installer for DLLs, hardened calls for diff Windows editions, better logging

x Fixed:       SFTP: Users->Edit->SFTP->Generate Private/Public Key-Pairs: hardened the calls to "ssh-keygen.exe" to prevent errors on different versions of Windows
x Fixed:       SFTP: Users->Edit->SFTP->Generate Private/Public Key-Pairs: on error, command-line will be copied to clipboard for manually running
x Fixed:       SFTP: Users->Edit->SFTP->Generate Private/Public Key-Pairs: increased logging for debug-mode to identify errors on different editions of Windows
x Fixed:       SFTP: Users->Edit->SFTP->Generate Private/Public Key-Pairs: added 3 open-source DLLs needed for "ssh-keygen.exe" (msys-1.0.dll,msys-crypto-1.0.0.dll,msys-minires.dll)

Version 2018.0.0.45 - 2018-MAY-03
SUMMARY: SFTP:Generate Private/Public Key-Pair, minor UI and license-code issues

* Improved:    LICENSE-CODE: after the license code has expired, do not start the SERVICE on quit
* Improved:    UI: on first run, main window is now to set appear in the middle of the screen with width/height of 800x600
x Fixed:       Activity->Dashboard->Bytes Transferred(since Reboot)->Downloaded: corrected an error which was only counting bytes transferred during resumed (RETR) downloads
x Fixed:       SFTP: Users->Edit->SFTP->Generate Private/Public Key-Pairs: Error:"Windows cannot find...ssh-keygen.exe", file definition was missing for in-place updates OTA
x Fixed:       Settings->Logging->Summaries: configuration page was missing from available pages after UI refresh in 2018.0.0.40
x Fixed:       Settings->Logging->Summaries->Maintain Stats for Groups: corrected problem in which ON|OFF setting was ignored and used Maintain Stats for Users instead

Version 2018.0.0.44 - 2018-APR-30
SUMMARY: License-Code Issues, SFTP Public/Private Key-Gen, SFTP Logging, Restriction of User to SFTP,FTPS and/or FTP, Fixed error message in Settings->Protocol->FTP->Options

x Fixed:       FTP: Settings->Protocol->FTP->Options: corrected an error message which was always showing the message 'Error on Save', even though it was saving correctly.
x Fixed:       FTPS: Settings->Protocols->FTPS->Explicit Mode->"Disallow FTP-Clients that use plain-text": now correctly disallows the login of ftp-clients via plain-text when enabled
! Wishlist:    SFTP/FTPS/FTP: Users->Edit->Restrictions->"Restrict user to specific protocols:" to any combination of "FTP (Classic), FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL), SFTP (FTP over SSH)"
* Improved:    SFTP: Increased logging when a user-account fails to login via SFTP
* Improved:    SFTP: Public/Private Key-Generator for user-accounts with SFTP enabled
x Fixed:       UI: if the previous instance crashed, it was possible for the last "UI page" to be saved with an incorrect value, causing a Crash-Report (bpftpserver.ini::FtpServer::LastBreadCrumb==0)
x Fixed:       SERVICE-MODE: added logic to prevent the web-browser from being launched when running as a SERVICE
x Fixed:       LICENSE-CODE: In high volume installations, too many calls to VerifyKey could result in corrupting memory (similar code identified in 2013.1.0.8) and cause the installation to not be "registered" resulting in "421 INFO: ftp-client connection failed. Server has reached the maximum number of connections for the edition-purchased."
* Improved:    LICENSE-CODE: Output of license-code at start-up to log window (normal behavior of every 60 min will resume from then)
* Improved:    LICENSE-CODE: Resolved a problem in which license-code wasn't handling the expiration period correctly when only 1 day remained
* Improved:    LICENSE-CODE: after removing the license code the software will not try to start the SERVICE at termination
* Improved:    LICENSE-CODE: see commit ARM:93e61f2
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Deprecated old PageControl objects from previous UI prior to 2018.0.0.40

Version 2018.0.0.43 - 2018-MAR-12
SUMMARY: Added the ability to disable obsolete FTPS protocols (SSLv3, TLSv1.0/1.1)

* Improved:    Settings -> Protocols -> FTPS (TLS/SSL): Min Supported Security Protocol: Allows for the toggling of TLS/SSL version in order to turn-off deprecated/insecure protocols (SSLv3,TLSv1.0,TLSv1.1)

Version 2018.0.0.42 - 2018-MAR-07
SUMMARY: Fixed APPCRASH/Access Violation

x Fixed:       Activity -> User Activity: Fixed Access-Violation which could be triggered by rapidly connecting/disconnecting ftp-clients (also affects normal activity, however much less frequently).
x Fixed:       Windows APPCRASH: Resolved a problem in ftp-engine (classic, non secure) in which the QUIT command is sent by the ftp-client and the connection is severed before BPFTP Server responds to the ftp-client with an OK (reproduced with ncftpput and ctrl-c)
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: clean-up code after linter discovered some inconsistencies

Version 2018.0.0.41 - 2018-JAN-24
SUMMARY: Multi-Homed IP, Logging Disk/Screen, User Banned-Files, OpenSSL Update, Deprecated Private P2P

* Changed:     INTERNAL-CODE: new compiler D10.2.2.2004
* Changed:     Private P2P: deprecated old file-sharing functionality as a pre-torrent relic
* Improved:    FTPS: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0g (SFTP does not use OpenSSL)
x Fixed:       Logging-Disk: corrected issue of rotating log-files, but not closing previous. Also affected changes to the Log File location or rotation settings.
x Fixed:       Logging-Screen: corrected issue which prevented logging from being displayed unless your paused/resumed screen-logging
x Fixed:       Settings -> Multi-IP: corrected a problem in which IP-rules weren't correctly initializing the ftp-plaintext server engine.
x Fixed:       Settings -> Multi-IP: fixed a problem with the UI not responding to being enabled.
x Fixed:       Users -> Edit -> Addl -> Banned Files: right-click context-menu was not working, corrected "Edit" function, protocol reply-code was not set correctly to allow for custom reply-message to ftp-client

Version 2018.0.0.40 - 2017-DEC-07
SUMMARY: SFTP (SSH) is now supported in the "Secure FTP" edition. Additionally, the UI has been significantly streamlined in order to provide a WEB-UI in a later version.

+ Added:       SFTP (SSH) is now supported
* Changed:     INSTALLER: Moved START menu items to TOOLS menu in software, deleted associated resources from install (Website, Purchasing, Manual, EULA)
* Changed:     INSTALLER: moved to Inno 5.5.9a from 5.5.5a
x Fixed:       INTERNAL-CODE: CPU/Memory information is now being accurately reported
* Changed:     INTERNAL-CODE: new compiler D10.2, updated third-party code (web-update, raize, jedi, lmd, ics v8.5)
* Changed:     SECURE-FTP: FTPS (TLS/SSL) was renamed from "Secure FTP", as we support multiple methods of "secure ftp"
* Changed:     SECURE-FTP: SFTP: Supports ServerName and MOTD in Auth-Banner
* Changed:     UI: Activity was renamed from "Server Monitor"
* Changed:     UI: Activity: the ability to turn off or stop listening for new connections was deprecated
* Changed:     UI: Classic Menu: deprecated support for old MainMenu
* Changed:     UI: Live Logging was renamed from "Log Watch"
* Changed:     UI: New "Tools" menu option which includes Backup/Restore, Web Links, About and Firewall/Speed Tester
* Changed:     UI: Settings now contains a different UI utilizing a TreeView vs Buttons
* Changed:     UI: Settings was renamed from "Management"
* Changed:     UI: Settings was reworked and a significant amount of complication was reduced by changing the paradigm in which "frames" are swapped on screen
* Changed:     UI: Users|Groups was renamed from "User Manager" and "Group Manager"
* Changed:     UI: Users|Groups: Access-Rights deprecated Drag/Drop for new rights
x Fixed:       UI: Users|Groups: UI fixes to ensure that the list of users/groups is aligned within allocated space
x Fixed:       UI: Settings -> DynIP: fixed internal problem where Load() was performing logic meant for Save() (and vice versa)

Version 2017.2.0.38 - 2017-NOV-08
* Fixed:       INTERNAL-CODE: Changes to disallow the auto-shutdown of the underlying FTP Server (plain-text) when a background-exception is raised

Version 2017.2.0.37 - 2017-NOV-01
x Fixed:       LICENSE-CODE: Correction to stored license codes (14dfb51d,904eba7c)
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Added Logging to common UI message-dlg to save the question and response to log (UI-MSGDLG)
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Added Logging when the UI is switched to various settings, OnSave and OnCancel are logged (UI-ACTION,UI-SETTINGS-SAVE,UI-SETTINGS-CANCEL)

Version 2017.2.0.36 - 2017-JUN-16
* Improved:    Management -> Events Manager -> EVENT_NAME -> Email: Provided support for %VARS in the TO/CC/BCC fields
x Fixed:       Management -> Settings -> Multi-IP Settings and User|Group Manager -> Login -> Home IP: Corrected a problem in which the software was not correctly restricting a user-account to a specific IP
* Improved:    SecureFTP: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0f
* Fixed:       User|Group Manager -> Edit -> Additional -> Show MOTD Messages: Corrected a problem in which the protocol was being broken with incorrect message formatting if enabled
* Fixed:       User|Group Manager -> Edit -> Additional -> Show MOTD/CWD Message: Corrected a problem in which custom-text containing more than 1 line was breaking the protocol as 226&426 line-responses were not terminated correctly
* Fixed:       User|Group Manager -> Edit -> Quota|Private P2P -> Enable: corrected an issue in the protocol which would cause some ftp-clients to sever the connection if enabled
* Changed:     End-User License Agreement: Added language to the TERMINATION section to provide licensee 30 days to cure violations of licensing
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Merged third-party engine code into source-code repo
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Migrated engine to 8.44 from 8.34
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Logging, removed Enter|Exit(Method) statements to clean up log
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Crash-Handler enabled and given new v2 URL for recording (madExcept enabled)
* Improved:    LICENSE-CODE: Change the method of which license-codes are removed. They will now be marked "expired" and this will help with issues related to "deleting".
* Fixed:       LICENSE-CODE: Home-Secure license-codes were not accepted due to a missing certificate
x Fixed:       PROTOCOL: Corrected an error which was reporting "Assigned(FOnBPEngine_GetQuotaAsStr)==FALSE" and potentially breaking the protocol for some ftp-clients
x Fixed:       PROTOCOL: Corrected an error which was reporting "Assigned(FOnBPEngine_GetRatioAsStr)==FALSE" and potentially breaking the protocol for some ftp-clients
* Improved:    PROTOCOL: Support for creating multiple directories at once. Example "mkdir d1/d2/d3/d4"

Version 2017.2.0.35 - 2017-MAR-06
SUMMARY: Fixes to stabalize running as SERVICE. Corrections to Server Monitor -> Upload|Download Summary. OpenSSL updated. Internal code changes.

* Fixed:       Management -> Settings -> System Service: Corrected an issue in which the SERVICE would not quit (and allow GUI to take over), if ftp-clients were connected
* Fixed:       Management -> Settings -> System Service: Found a case when the GUI is closed, the SERVICE fails to start due to exclusive WRITE-LOCK on bpftpserver.ini
* Improved:    Management -> Settings -> System Service: Found multiple occurences where an exception could interfere with controlling the SERVICE due to modal dialogs being displayed (wrapped all message-dialogs with code to prevent display, if running as a SERVICE)
x Fixed:       Server Monitor -> Upload|Download Summary: Corrected a problem in which data is not preserved when running as a SERVICE
x Fixed:       Server Monitor -> Upload|Download Summary: corrected a problem in which the files were growing exponentially by appending the data each time to the file (when it should be overwritten) "bpftpserver-common-(uploads|downloads).ini"
* Improved:    SecureFTP: Sanity checks with logging if FTPS certificate files are not found
* Fixed:       INTERNAL-CODE: found several cases where operating in DEBUG mode would cause the bpftpserver-uacadmin.exe utility to fail due to exclusive WRITE-LOCK on bpftpserver.ini
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: OnStartUp, added spin-lock code to wait for exclusve WRITE-LOCK on bpftpserver.ini, in order to give the OS time for parent processes to terminate
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: additional INI Storage routines for real data-types, as date/time was being used for LogWatch interval
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: additional debug-loggging during "Configuring..."
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: moved free()'ing of objects to *before* the SERVICE is created, as some objects save their state at free(). If the SERVICE is started before the save, then an invalid state could be reached. This was part of the reason for exponential growth of "bpftpserver-common-(uploads|downloads).ini"
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: substantial reordering of start-up code to facilitate UI logging of problems
* Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: removed OLDCODE comment sections
x Fixed:       QUICK-FIX: new common dialog-box was only displaying during SERVICE, not during GUI. Which is exactly opposite, pulled .34 and released .35 immediately.

Version 2017.2.0.33 - 2017-FEB-06
SUMMARY: Many UI fixes that include UI elements that didn't respond when clicked and MSIE mistakenly being used as the web-browser

x Fixed:       Group Manager: corrected right-click, context menu, for "Copy Group-List to Clipboard"
x Fixed:       INTERNAL-CODE: correct *many* unwired events in the UI that had cropped up with the refactoring to Frames (v2014.x)
x Fixed:       INTERNAL-CODE: moved opening web-pages to linkable function
x Fixed:       INTERNAL-CODE: refactored the saving of saved position/size information for UI elements (FormStorageSavedValues)
x Fixed:       LICENSE-CODE: Default web-browser will now be loaded for expired licenses (vs using default MSIE)
x Fixed:       UI: OnMinimized to TrayIcon, corrected a problem where the Log wasn't suspended if OptionsLogDisabledWhenMinimized==TRUE
x Fixed:       User Manager: UI corrected a problem that prevented the restoration of user-customized width for user-list
x Fixed:       User Manger -> Edit User -> Group Name: corrected a problem that prevented the enabling of a group for a user

Version 2017.2.0.32 - 2017-JAN-20
x Fixed:       Management -> Settings -> Advanced -> Allow 0 byte files: When a ZERO byte file is uploaded, and this setting is ON (DEFAULT), every subsequently uploaded file (in the same session) would append (byte-for-byte) into the first file (0 byte file).
x Fixed:       Management -> Settings: Resolved a problem in which the last depressed toolbutton is show, but the content is for a different toolbutton. Close BPS when viewing Management -> Settings -> Advanced, start BPS again, "Advanced" will be depressed, but it will display the content for "General".
x Fixed:       Server Monitor -> Upload Summary: If "Allow 0 byte files" (default) is enabled, and a 0 byte file is uploaded, the filesize will now show "0" (vs "-1). Conversly, if "Allow 0 byte files" is disabled (not default), then files uploaded with 0 bytes, will say "-1" (as the file wasn't allowed and doesn't exist on the file-system).
x Fixed:       Server Monitor -> Upload|Download Summary -> (right-click): "Clear List": Previously, this would just remove all items from the list, but would appear again as soon as you went back. Now it will stay cleared, until the software is restarted.
x Fixed:       Server Monitor -> Upload|Download Summary -> (right-click): renamed "Stop Tracking" to "Tracking Enabled", as this more appropriately describes the behavior. Added a confirmation dialog as well.
x Fixed;       Server Monitor -> Upload|Download Summary -> (right-click) -> "Tracking Enabled|Clear List": Added elilipsis to show a dialog will follow clicking menu item.

Version 2017.2.0.31 - 2017-JAN-11
x Fixed:       UNINSTALL: Corrected a problem in which uninstalling the software will present an error from bpftpserver-uacadmin.exe saying "[14] Internal Action Failed.\n\nService-Uninstall: Service is not installed." This error would then be presented X times, where X is the number of times the software was installed
* Improved:    VersionInfo: Changed the program description for two executables in order to give better descriptions in Windows's TaskManager (bpftpserver-uacadmin.exe and bpftpserver-service.exe)
* Improved:    INSTALLER: Added a timeout when attempting to stop the SERVICE. Previously it could have looped forever if there was a problem in stopping the SERVICE.

Version 2017.2.0.30 - 2017-JAN-10
x Fixed:       START-UP: Corrected an EAccessViolation that was being triggered on start-up
x Fixed:       UNINSTALL: Corrected a problem in which bpftpserver-uacadmin was being called incorrectly to uninstall the Windows System Service support
* Improved:    SecureFTP: OpenSSL updated to v1.1.0c

Version 2017.2.0.29 - 2017-JAN-09
x Fixed:       User Manager: fixed an internal exception which was preventing the deletion of user accounts
x Fixed:       User/Group Manager: corrected a UI problem in which the list of users/groups would not fill the entire available area until a resize event was performed
* Improved:    Group Manager: added right-click on list of group accounts to provide a popup context menu
+ Added:       Management -> Settings -> Email: Added a "Default Settings to Office365"
+ Added:       Management -> Settings -> Email: Added "Use Explicit (vs Implicit)" option to support Office365
i Information: SecureFTP: on start-up it will now report the OpenSSL version and Ciphers available
+ Added:       LICENSE-CODE: Added license codes to the list of stolen codes
x Improved:    INTERNAL-CODE: Added a boolean paramter to BPUI_SwitchPage() to disable the execution of DoOnLoad()
x Fixed:       INTERNAL-CODE: corrected the free()'ing of memory in the UserAccountsList in which it was attempting to free a NIL pointer

=== OLD RELEASE DATES (Details on Each Change is Suppressed)
Version 2016.2.0.28 -- 2016-DEC-12
Version 2016.2.0.27 -- 2016-DEC-06 (Private)
Version 2016.2.0.26 -- 2016-NOV-11
Version 2016.2.0.26 -- 2016-NOV-10
Version 2016.2.0.25 -- 2016-NOV-08
Version 2014.1.2.22 -- 2015-FEB-03
Version 2014.1.0.21 -- 2014-SEP-04
Version 2014.1.0.20 -- 2014-AUG-26
Version 2014.1.0.19 -- 2014-AUG-22
Version 2014.1.0.18 -- 2014-AUG-22
Version 2014.1.0.17 -- 2014-MAY-29
Version 2014.1.0.16 -- 2014-MAY-14
Version 2014.1.0.15 -- 2014-MAY-08
Version 2014.1.0.14 -- 2014-APR-30
Version 2014.1.0.13 -- 2014-APR-07
Version 2014.1.0.12 -- 2014-MAR-07
Version 2013.1.0.9  -- 2013-SEP-05
Version 2013.1.0.8  -- 2013-AUG-01
Version 2013.1.0.7  -- 2013-JUN-26
Version 2013.1.0.6  -- 2013-JUN-24
Version 2013.1.0.5  -- 2013-JUN-24
Version 2013.1.0.4  -- 2013-MAY-19
Version 2013.1.0.3  -- 2013-MAY-17
Version 2013.1.0.2  -- 2013-MAY-13
Version 2013.1.0.1  -- 2013-MAY-10
Version 2013.1.0.11 -- 2013-OCT-02
Version 2013.1.0.10 -- 2013-SEP-06
Version 2011.1.0.76 -- 2012-MAY-03
Version 2011.1.0.75 -- 2012-MAY-03
Version 2011.1.0.74 -- 2012-MAR-07
Version 2011.1.0.71 -- 2011-OCT-07
Version 2011.1.0.70 -- 2011-AUG-25
Version 2011.1.0.69 -- 2011-AUG-16 (BETA)
Version 2011.1.0.67 -- 2011-JUL-05
Version 2011.1.0.66 -- 2011-JUL-03
Version 2011.1.0.65 -- 2011-JUN-30
Version 2011.1.0.64 -- 2011-JUN-19
Version 2011.1.0.63 -- 2011-JUN-13
Version 2010.1.0.43 -- 2009-OCT-27
Version 2010.1.0.42 -- 2009-OCT-01
Version 2010.1.0.41 -- 2009-SEP-28
Version 2010.1.0.40 -- 2009-SEP-01
Version   -- UNKNOWN
Version    -- UNKNOWN
Version    -- UNKNOWN
Version    -- 2005-Mar-22
Version    -- 2005-Mar-14
Version    -- 2005-Mar-02
Version    -- 2005-Mar-01
Version    -- 2005-Feb-28
Version    -- 2004-Aug-23
Version 2.21        -- 2003-Feb-09
Version 2.15        -- 2001-May-06
Version 2.10        -- 2001-Apr-03
Version 2.00        -- 2001-Feb-05
Version 2.00        -- 2000-Sep-25 (RC1)
Version 2.00        -- 2000-Mar-30 (Beta 7)
Version 2.00        -- 1999-Dec-21 (Beta 6)
Version 2.00        -- 1999-Oct-24 (Beta 5)
Version 2.00        -- 1999-May-18 (Beta 4)
Version 2.00        -- 1999-May-11 (Beta 3)
Version 2.00        -- 1999-Apr-07 (Beta 2)
Version 2.00        -- 1999-???-?? (Beta 1)
Version 1.38        -- 1998-Dec-12
Version 1.37        -- 1998-Nov-21
Version 1.36        -- 1998-Nov-18
Version 1.34        -- 1998-Oct-29

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