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BPFTP Client (Windows) / Downloading
 How do I download from a ratio site? (eg an MP3 FTP server)
 Ratio FTP sites are FTP sites that force you to upload (send) files before you can download (receive) from them. There are three ways you can work with ratio sites when you use BPFTP. 1) Simply queue all the files you want to download, then queue some files for upload. If your credit runs out then BPFTP will automatically find the first file queued for upload and upload it. 2) Upload one file. Then, select the files you wish to download, right click and select "partial download". Set the number of bytes to a positive number to transfer a specific amount of data and then stop, or use a negative number to transfer the file and stop that number of bytes before the end. Example 1: Entering 200000 bytes will download the first 200000 bytes of each selected file. This is useful for previewing music files. Example 2: Entering -50000 will stop each transfer 50000 bytes before the end of each file. That way you have almost the whole file, but it isnt counted against your ratio. Don't enter a negative number that is too small, as you have to allow for the time it takes for the abort command to be sent and acted upon. Note: Using this could well annoy site administrators. Use at your own risk (you may well be banned from the site for using this method) as this effectively bypasses ratios, with of course a small tradeoff of missing data. 3) For those FTP sites that allow a certain number of files to be transferred per session, simply enable "leech mode" under options|toggles. In this mode, BPFTP will simply reconnect when your credit runs out, and transfer another group of files. This is mutually exclusive to method #1, disable "leech mode" if you want to use that method.
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